Installation site specific, Galleria San Fedele, Milano

The work is based on the idea of the body seen as a recipient of sensations, in the light of the theories of Zygmunt Bauman about being individually together. It is assumed that each individual is carrying around, together with its body, its specific network, a bit like a snail carries its house.
Network are the connections that the individual establishes. Links that are evoked in a body, created with stones gathered on a beach in a small village on the border of Albania with Greece. On each of them with gold ink shows verses of poems by different authors that speak of the human being, of what he thinks, of his dreams. Transmitted as if they were messages, they are in a random order and reassembled in various sequences without losing value.
This multitude of items form a human being who has no special signs, does not use the ID card, but has a word.


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