Installation made by books
Private collection, Milano

Citazioni (Quotes) is a project based on the assumption that every book is a little world, where one can enter and "stay" just like in a home.

The book and the house are two objects icon of human history, and today they have become the expression of a time that is changing. The book as an object is transformed into spreadsheet and the house adapts and changes according to the new demands of living.
Looking at the area of contact between the book and the house, there are three aspects: the content/the knowledge of the book - the container/the building - the context/the city.

The books are used, read, experienced and underlined. The starting point is that the great literature is that which concerns the common things, all these solemn events of existence like life, birth, death, love, which, for the most part, we can not say. The great poets, great writers and philosophers can there where we can not, they explain these issues, it is as if they can say what we would not have known or could have said.
The house instead invokes the idea of a safe port, a place to come and throw their anchor. The human need for shelter gave rise to the first of the arts, house architecture. From cave-dwellings to modern apartments, the house, as archetype, is the primordial refuge of the body, the skin that envelops the ego, the place that contains the myth of re-appropriating a territory from the imaginary.


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