Estratto di Racconto Romano
 61 pieces, various materials, installation, environmental dimensions.
- Artist's book, manuscript, two copies
- ebook

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Estratto di Racconto Romano is a participatory project with the aim to create a new edition of “Racconti Romani” by Alberto Moravia. It is realized through the collaboration of 61 people, who do not belong exclusively to the art world, but that have different skills.
Everyone was invited to read a short story of the collection “Racconti Romani”. Loosely inspired by it and in light of contemporary current events, each of them has turned into an “other” content. On a arranged sheet every person has developed an Extract.

It is a project of spontaneous creative thinking, which look for the analysis of human experiences and their recur in different forms and modalities over the years.
The tales are apparently “testimony” of a time and a way for us to be distant and widely obsolete. The small crowd of characters, situations in which they are involved, the tangle of thoughts and habits seem to be anymore a part of our daily lives. However affinities and connections between apparently unrelated facts and concepts represent a point of view in analyzing a historical past that becomes a tool for knowledge and understanding of our lives.

The project was created with the support of Cantieri d'Arte, during "Le ville ouverte" in Viterbo.
Was presented in December 2011 at MACRO in Rome.

ebook avaiable here


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