partecipatory project
Tea bags, cotton thread, various materials
250cmx90cm (approx)
audio, 1 tracks, 50'30""
Borghi collection, Milano.

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Giornateicontatè is a project in collaboration with Cittadellarte-Pistoletto Foundation and the City Biella.

The work focused on Piazzo, an ancient town of Biella founded in the tenth century, an artistic and cultural heritage, which now is a place on a human scale, with values ​​elsewhere has destroyed by the urban speculation.
Hundreds of tea bags, collected over the past five years, were used like a white sheet. Day after day they
were written, drawn, developed by the people I met at Piazzo during the three months of residence.
Sew together they form a kind of blanket / tapestry.
I picked “small pieces” of each to form a sort of collective memory, in which all neighbors are found in a purely random. Essentially, it was the process of dialogue, interact with people, talk about the past and the future of this place.
To keep track of meetings with people, the conversations were recorded. Then was created for the show a composition of an hour, reworked by Sara Milani vocally, theater actress of Biella.

The project is part of a circuit of historic and popular cultural enterprise in which the specific propensity to melt the material dimensions/instrumental with the symbolic/expressive is combined with a strong predisposition to communication and relationships.

Audio performance by Sara Milani

Exhibition view at Palazzo Ferrero, Biella
Photos by Ewa Glaisner


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