Installation site specific, 8 Marzo Park (Former Leopardi Park) Bergamo.

The project Harmowind is inspired by the tradition of the Nordic Maibaum, trees of plenty, and the wind bells, sound instruments which emit a clear sound.
The Maibaum born in the arboreal cults spread across Europe, the figure is that of a high tree adorned with flowers, ribbons and colors, which connects heaven and earth.
The bells wind chimes are made from bars suspended or other objects, which are usually hung outside of homes.
Harmowind has been designed to be installed on a lamppost in the park.
The cylinders are granted each on a different hue in the wind and produce a ringing harmonic.
The project is Harmowind is the winner of the Lighting Moods Contest, Bergamo 2014.

Photos by Gianni Quarta


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