L'eco delle pietre
installation site-specific for Humus Art - Biennale d'Arte Pubblica Carugate - Milano

L'eco delle pietre (The echo of stones) is a work that comes from the study of folk songs of Carugate, they represent the history and traditions of this town, are its memory. The interest is to give concrete form to a sound, allowing a non-ordinary use of the concept of eco.
The installation consists of forty items (two sets of twenty-three): these stones gathered in the town of Carugate, after being treated on each of them was written permanently the text of a song.
A special feature of the work is that for every song on display, it remains a "copy" outside, in the town, so that it can be found, collected and appropriated by a person. This creates a kind of echo between the two series, in which the music is changed from acoustic phenomenon in visual.

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