Multidisciplpinary project 
. Drawing - Collage
. Installations

Pass-Home project begins in 2010, after a trip in the Western Balkans, which have been covered about five thousand miles, passing through Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and then returning to Milan.
My research has focused on the relationship between people and their home, in the light of theories about the identity of Francoise de Singly. He points out that today we should abandon the metaphor of “roots” and the “eradication”, 
regarding the individual’s relationship with its community of birth in order to replace them with the “throw the anchor and hoist.” 
This act has nothing definitive and irrevocable, the roots die if removed from the earth, unlike the anchors move in many different ports.
The anchor is tied to a ship which here takes on the appearance of a house, a mobile home that is moved, a person carries within his house, in a journey that lasts a lifetime.

The project is developed in multiple formats, through drawing and collage in a series made to date from about 60 pieces, these are exposed in “comps” to create small narratives. Through site-specific installations, created specifically for the exhibition space.


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