Installation site specific, Hall ExpoStudio, Milano

Waterhouse is an environment-artwork in the exhibition space, which activates the memory through the senses of hearing and smell: the sound and smell of the sea are installed inside a caravan. In this itinerant house are associated two elements: the concept of home as a place of mind, along with dreams, thoughts and experiences that constitute us and the travel, as a source of meetings and sharing.

The places visited are the starting point for telling stories in which the experience of the place is blended with the memories and experiences of those living there. On this thought Waterhouse is the place where viewers are invited to share a single memory through a combination of sensory sphere of the smell of the sea, the sound of water and the trampling of the gravel on the floor, suggesting that the shared memory, even if fictitious, still creates spaces of aggregation.

The Air Sculpture ® - smell - is made by master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, Dream Air, New York. The project is implemented in collaboration with Nicola Pozzani, Fragrance Lecturer at Kingston University London and University of the Arts in Bern.


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