Why? Before that the Ice Age eat you!
Installation: cardboard, eggs, variable dimensions

“Maybe pretending nothing will pass”.
Anything. The problems that are not our own and even our own. Someone else always comes to solving. This is the thought that seems to join some type of human experience. Close your eyes hoping in vain.
Similarly believe that the climate catastrophe caused by ourselves will not lead to our end. After all, life on the planet has managed to survive three billion years before we enter into the scene. Perhaps only will become harder the evolution and survival of the species.
We should at this point, however, remind us of dinosaurs. The most likely causes of their death are to be found in the abrupt climate change.
The installation get started from these reflectsions. A mass of dinosaurs (maybe some of them back ...)overlooking a pile of eggs-world. Boiled eggs. Food for humans, who daily devours their land. History is cyclical. There's the egg, there's the man and the world. Any of the three could not be more if we continue to pretend any thing,

Exhibition view at Galleria Contemporaneamente, Milano 


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